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Cách sử dụng B.I.S

“Buy it Safely!” is Autowini's Safe Payment & Shipping Service whereby Autowini acts as a third party between the buyer and seller in order to make the purchase 100% safe and easy for the buyer. Autowini keeps your money, ships the item on time and takes care of your online transaction throughout the whole process safely all at a low cost!



Cách sử dụng B.I.S

Part 1. How to send an inquiry and get a quotation ?

There are 4 steps to inquire and confirm items here. You can check all the inquiries at My Inquiry List

Ask for Quotation
Choose your car and send an inquiry! You will receive reply within 1 business day.
Receive Quotation
Check your email inbox and see the quotation from Autowini.
Confirm Purchase
Make your decision and confirm to purchase by clicking “Confirm to Buy” button. Autowini will check and book an item!
Track My Order
Autowini Confirmed your order, you can track your process!
※ How to cancel your order? In order to cancel your order, please contact Autowini staff by bis@autowini.com

Part2. How to track my order & shipping status ?

There are 10 steps to purchasing your order, which you can check to see every step of your transaction, once you have confirmed an item for purchase. Track My Order

Item booking
After your order has been confirmed by Autowini staff, your item will be booked and secured for 2 business days not to be sold to any other customer.
  • “Remark” will be appeared when Autowini staff update any information.
  • After you check updated information, Do not forget to click “Check” button. Remark will be disappeared.
Fill In Consignee
Fill in your Consignee Full Information to put on Proforma Invoice.
Check Proforma Invoice
Autowini will issue a proforma invoice with final price and bank account details, then upload it in your order information and send by email too. You can see and download it here!
Upload Transfer Receipt
Transfer the total amount in the invoice to the Autwoini’s bank account within valid date of proforma invoice. Upload your transfer receipt here!
Check Confirmation Receipt
When Autowini receive money in bank account, Autowini will upload bank confirmation receipt to your order page! The item will be sold “AS IS”condition. Autowini release money to seller and secure your item at Autowini’s hand. Now the item belongs to Autowini and is ready for next step.
Check Shipping Schedule
Autowini will check the fastest shipping schedule and update it on your order page! Soon the item will be booked on the fastest vessel. However shipping schedule is subject to change according to the shipping company’s condition so Autowini will notify a new schedule when it’s changed.
Check Draft B / L
After ship departure, Shipping company will issue DRAFT B/L. Autowini will upload it in order page. Check DRAFT B/L carefully. If there is any mistake on your consignee and an item information or want to change consignee, you can request to amend B/L.
Check Tracking Number
Track your document delivery and cargo by using below information. If you click Tracking no and B/L no, you can connect directly with tracking system.
Write a Review
Did you pick up your vehicle from the port? Share your experience and get Bonus from Autowini!
You’ve got the item successfully! Your order has been completed!