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Giới thiệu về B.I.S

“Buy it Safely!” is Autowini's Safe Payment & Shipping Service whereby Autowini acts as a third party between the buyer and seller in order to make the purchase 100% safe and easy for the buyer. Autowini keeps your money, ships the item on time and takes care of your online transaction throughout the whole process safely all at a low cost!



Giới thiệu về B.I.S


Full customer support throughout the transaction!
Feedback within 1 business day is guaranteed!

Item Verification 
Item Verification
& Checking Service
Item Verification 
Securing Money 
100% Guaranteed
Item Verification 
Safe Shipping and 
Documents Handling
  • Item’s real availability & price
  • More photos & Videos
  • Title certificate & self -check report
  • Hold money until seller sends item to Autowini
  • Refund in case you don’t receive items
  • Booking & arranging shipping schedule
  • Clear and accurate documents handling & delivery
7 Reasons you have to use B.I.S
Item Verification
1. Item Verification & Checking Service
Autowini will check the item is still available and information on the web is correct. Once it’s verified, Autowini put a “Verified Stock” marks on the item.
More Photos
2. More photos & video Service
If you want to see more photos and working video of the item to ensure your mind, ask us when you confirm the purchase. Autowini can provide more photos of the item and video when you agree on purchase & price terms.
Check our Youtube channel to see videos!
100% Refund
3. 100% Refund Guaranteed
Autowini act a role as a third party entity between buyer and the seller and keep your money & transaction safely. You will get refunded 100% when you do not receive items!
Safe Shipping
4. Safe Shipping & Documents Handling
Autowini holds the item and ship it on a vessel to customers port directly. After shipping you will receive Original B/L documents within time.
Full Customer
5. Full Customer Support throughout Transaction
Don’t worry. You will not be working with computer but working with your “Person in Charge” You can ask any questions throughout the deal and our staff will respond quickly at your request. Feedback within 1 business day is guaranteed!
Vehicle Condition Report
6. Vehicle Condition Report
You will know detailed condition on working of engine, transmission, major options and underbody corrosion status through the vehicle condition Report. You can even get compensation If the real condition does not match with the given report!
Multi-language Support
7. Multi-language Support
Our Customer Service Staff speaking English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Swahili will give you full customer service throughout the transaction. Get served in your language and feel more comfortable.
Autowini secures your vehicle safely at the port yard.

After the buyer confirms and sends the money to Autowini, sellers send the vehicles to Autowini's port yard. The vehicles will then be secured safely and waiting to be shipped abroad the arranged vessel. Do not worry about the shipping process, Autowini is holding your items safely.

Customer’s Testimonials

Messages from our Customers

“I have bought this car through BIS. I just went back to Ghana and there is nothing to say... I love this car. Thank you for your professionalism and your recommendation. Thank you Autowini”★★★★ Ghana Ghana

“Thank you Autowini for supporting us to buy good cars directly from Korea. BIS service is the most convenient and reliable! ”★★★★★ Dominican Republic Dominican Republic