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“Buy it Safely!” is Autowini's Safe Payment & Shipping Service whereby Autowini acts as a third party between the buyer and seller in order to make the purchase 100% safe and easy for the buyer. Autowini keeps your money, ships the item on time and takes care of your online transaction throughout the whole process safely all at a low cost!



Hỏi đáp

Q   Is it safe to purchase cars at Autowini?

Yes. Autowini offers the safest way to buy vehicles through our safe payment & shipping service called B.I.S(Buy it Safely!)
Also, Autowini has 5 guaranteed programs for your safe trade.

Q   What are my guarantees?

Autowini offers 5 Guarantees for safe transaction

  • 1. Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 2. On time shipping Guarantee
  • 3. Working Condition Guarantee
  • 4. 100% Refund Guarantee(in case of an unsuccessful shipment)
  • 5. Parts Supply Guarantee
Q   What is the process of purchasing cars?

Please follow only 5 steps to buy cars at Autowini!

  • 1. Leave an inquiry on the item(Ask for Quotation)
  • 2. Receive quotation from Autowini
  • 3. Confirm quotation to purchase
  • 4. Deposit payment to Autowini
  • 5. Wait for shipping
Q   How do I Pay?

The payment's full amount must be 100% completed through a bank transfer, Western Union, or Moneygram.
We do not accept partial payment, credit card, nor paypal.

Q   How can I check the condition of the vehicle?

You can check the vehicle's condition in detail with

  • 1. Vehicle Condition Report(VCR)
  • 2. A video on the vehicle
  • 3. More pictures(upon request)
Q   Does the price include shipping cost?

Yes. The price includes shipping cost to your port. Autowini's shipping team handles all paperwork and delivers the item to your nearest port.

Q   Does the price include customs tax?

No. The price does not include your country's custom duties. You must clear customs by paying the tax separately. Please check the details with your local customs clearing agency.

Q   How long until the item arrives at my port?

Depending on the country, it can take from 10 - 55 days for items to reach designated ports. Autowini books the fastest available shipping schedule when payment is complete.

Q   Where is Autowini's office located in?

Autowini's head office is located in Seoul, South Korea.
Our vehicles are also located in South Korea.

Q   Does Autowini have an office in my country?

No. Autowini does not have branch offices in other countries.
We are only in South Korea and operate through online.
Please contact Autowini's customer support team directly for safe purchases.