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Vehicle Condition Guide
  • What you should know before purchase

    Used vehicles are not in perfect condition. There can be wears, tears, minor or major problems. The exterior may have scratches, dents, rust, or other defects that are not visible in the photos. Used items are worn out and may need to be changed. The actual condition may differ from what is stated and the quality may be lower than photos. Please note that you will have to fix and repair some consumable parts after purchase. If the item is abnormally cheap, please take caution.
    All items are sold “AS-IS”
    This means that items are sold in their current state, without any warranty or guarantee of future quality. Many items are sold without fix or repair to keep the price competitive. Autowini does not guarantee that the quality of the item accurately corresponds to the information stated by the seller. We recommend you to review information very seriously.
    TAXI: Claims Unavailable
    TAXI signifies that the vehicle was used as a Taxi, meaning that it will have poorer conditions and higher mileage compared to regular vehicles. Autowini does not take any part in claims based on Taxis.
  • Claims Unavailable: What is and what isn’t guaranteed?

    Autowini does not guarantee item quality nor information accuracy. We provide assistance in the verification of basic information, ensure safe payment, arrange shipping, and regulate all transactions to be safe and easy. However we do not guarantee all information stated in this platform. Please check what is guaranteed information and not guaranteed information here. See more of Autowini’s 5 Guarantees.

    Guaranteed Information
    VIN Number Drive Type (2WD/4WD) Fuel Type Engine start & working Safe payment & shipping service
    Not Guaranteed information
    Mileage (Odometer reading) Body Corrosion Exterior (Scratches, Dents, Rust, Broken Glass, Paint) Spare Tire / Spare Key Consumable Parts Stolen things at destination port
    Q Are spare keys or spare tires provided?
    A Many used cars don’t have spare keys/spare tires. If you’d like to purchase an additional remote key / smart key, additional charges will be included accordingly.
    Q What are consumable parts?
    A Consumables in a vehicle include engine oil, transmission oil, coolants, batteries, etc. Car consumable parts need to be replaced due to wear caused by continual use. Depending on the type, used vehicles may require consumable parts.
  • Autowini is a wholesale marketplace for dealers.

    Autowini is a platform for professional automobile traders. Our purpose is to help dealers all around the world to purchase items from Korean domestic sellers in a safe, easy, and efficient manner.

    Are you an individual buyer?
    Autowini is a wholesale marketplace for professional dealers. Individual buyers buying cars for personal possession must recognize the aspects of wholesale trading and the risks involved with importation. Like any other dealer, they should not expect additional services aside from the ones already mentioned. Please note that we have our limits in guaranteeing quality, meaning that you are purchasing cars at your own risk. To avoid risk, Autowini recommends individual customers to buy vehicles at local stores.
    Autowini is not the seller, but the platform operator and intermediary between the buyer and the seller. None of the items are in our possession, but we do offer what we call “Buy it Safely! (B.I.S),” a type of service that guarantees a safe, reliable, and cost-saving purchase. Buy it Safely, with a professional mediating team, guarantees a 100% safe transaction between buyers and sellers
  • Take photos & videos before going to your local repair shop!

    • Take photos & videos before going to your local repair shop!
    • Take photos & videos before going to your local repair shop!
    • Take photos & videos before going to your local repair shop!
    • Take photos & videos before going to your local repair shop!
    • Take photos & videos before going to your local repair shop!

    If you find a serious flaw in your car, take pictures and videos of the car’s condition and immediately send them to Autowini staff. Consulting Autowini before visiting a local repair shop may save you a considerable amount of money. Your problem may be solved by simply exchanging parts received directly from Korea. So, please contact our staff before visiting your local repair shop.